Cosmic Void
Cosmic Void with stellar eyes gazes at me from above.
Little man with fear of heights, without hope and without love.

The next time it will come to me with all its Dark.
When it will come to me, I’ll pretend to be a hollow lark.

Hard to not blink, to not close my eyes, when the Fear preys.
Hard to breathe, hard to pump red blood with no will to pray.

Just give him all he wants, and give her all she desires.
It doesn’t matter anyway, because my warranty soon expires.

I’m only looking for something out there, so I could make the next move.
But it’s difficult to find anything of worth, of joy and of groove.

So I will sit here, looking at your eyes made of Stars, chanting out of tune.
And embracing your Dark, because from It I came, and to It I will return.